Adventure Tape.

One product. Hundreds of applications.

New innovation Adventure Tape® is the perfect rescue solution for your gear when you are out and about on your adventures, or at home.


Our Kickstarter is now finished and we smashed our funding target! Stay tuned to find out when Adventure Tape will be available to purchase online …

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  • Built For Strength.

    Made from super strong polyurethane, Adventure Tape is highly abrasion-resistant, waterproof and very elastic – perfect for hundreds of uses!

  • Built For Durability.

    Its non-adhesive qualities and handy tin for safekeeping mean it can come to the rescue, time and time again.

  • Built For You.

    We are constantly finding new ways to use Adventure Tape – what will YOU discover?


Here are just a few things you can use it for…


Need some more inspiration?

…Fix a broken strap on your suitcase or handbag

…Use as a car boot or roof rack strap

…Staunch bleeding with a tourniquet

…Create an emergency snowboard binding

…Fashion a catapult

…String up a clothes drying-line

…Create a Go-Pro Mount

…Make a hammock

…Fix a leaky tap

…Add extra grip to a handle

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Adventure Tape’s Kickstarter has now finished – at over 300% funded!

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